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Natural vanilla from all relevant origins, including

  • Madagascar, Comoros, Indonesia, Uganda, India, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Tahiti
  • Certified organic vanilla: EU organic and BIOSUISSE ORGANIC
  • Fairtrade (FLO-cert) certified vanilla (conventional as well as additionally organic certified)
Bulk material for wholesale and industry

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  • in different qualities e.g.

9non-split vanilla beans (gourmet or industrial grade)

2split vanilla beans (overripe beans, which are often used for extraction purposes due to their high vanillin content)

6„VRAC“ - loose vanilla beans

3vanilla beans, cut, 4-6 mm

5 vanilla powder – the whole vanilla bean in dried and ground

  • extracted vanilla – residues of the extraction process without smell or taste, used for decorative purposes:

extracted vanilla (beans and powder)extracted vanilla (beans and powder)

vanilla seedsvanilla seeds

vanilla sugarvanilla sugar


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  • Vanilla in retail packages

vanilleschoten im glasVanilla beans in glass tubes

Pulver im GlasVanilla powder in screw top jars

Steckkarten 2Tube-holder cards

Balisterpackungen 2Blister packages

Stand-up trays

Folding / display cartons

Vanilla mills

Vanilla extracts and vanilla flavours



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Vanille Extrakte & AromenNatural vanilla extracts and natural vanilla flavours

Vanilla Syrup
Vanilla Syrup

Vanilla paste
Vanilla paste

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