Janina Ziemek

"Vanilla – a miracle of nature!"

Wollenhaupt Vanille and I:
In the beginning of 2016, I joined Gebrüder Wollenhaupt’s vanilla division. With my master thesis about vanilla extraction, I finished my studies of food science. Before that, I studied ecotrophology with a focus on product development and sensors.

Working for the product development at Gebrüder Wollenhaupt, I experience the versatility and complexity of vanilla every day. In the process development of vanilla extraction, my goal is to bring the vanilla beans’ unique aromatic profile to the vanilla extracts. With our vanilla extracts, my team develops vanilla products for customers around the world. Luckily, our customers love the “Queen of Spices” as much as we do! 

Apart from work, I like to spend time outdoors – I enjoy sports, hiking and the fresh air! 

My secret vanilla recipe:
In my kitchen, no food is safe from vanilla – apple sauce, latte macchiato, marinades for fish and meat… Vanilla extracts and vanilla pastes refine dishes in an instant. Anyone should try it!