Heike Schwender

"Vanilla – more than just a spice"

Wollenhaupt Vanille and I:

As a new arrival I have joined the Wollenhaupt Vanilla Team beginning of 2019 and plunged into the complex world of Vanilla. Whether pure vanilla beans, powder, seeds, pastes or extracts – the possibilities of this natural product are really versatile and are fascinating also newbies such as me from the very beginning. Every day something exciting is to discover. Just as diversified is the day-to-day business in the sales team – a touch of exotic goes along with the task to get the “black gold” from the origin in far away countries on different ways to our national and international customers, providing an insight into divers cultures and customs.

My secret vanilla recipe:

Traditionally classic style – grinded with the vanilla mill on a scoop of ice-cream, each simple scoop gets a culinary delight.