Our Product Range:

  • Ethanolic vanilla extracts from vanilla beans – different countries of origin (e.g. Madagascar, Papua, Indonesia, Uganda, Mexico, India,…) 
  • Ehanolic vanilla extracts – different concentrations (1-fold to 20-fold), taste profiles and ethanol contents 
  • Natural vanilla flavors (95/5)
  • Vanilla paste for ice-cream production
  • Vanilla paste for baked goods – for bakeries and households (wholesale and retail sector) 
  • Vanilla syrup based on sugar syrup or other natural sugars
  • All aforementioned liquid vanilla products are also available in ORGANIC quality and/or with sustainability certification

Our Services:

  • We develop a suitable vanilla extract / natural vanilla flavor / vanilla paste for your application 
  • Our product development matches your existing / desired product
  • We offer a wide range of retail packaging solutions:
    • Vanilla extract in amber glasses or glass tubes
    • Vanilla paste in handy tubes or in classic glass jars
    • Labeling
    • Blister packs 
    • Final packaging in display cartons and tray solutions
  • Filling in wholesale /industrial transportation units:
    • Vanilla paste in diffently-sized tubes
    • Vanilla extract in canisters or IBCs